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Cleanse Soap Bar | Blossom

Cleanse Soap Bar | Blossom

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A tactile experience of natural handcrafted soap made by a perfumer.

Blossom Cleanse Bar is hand made in small batches and is cold-processed, keeping the integrity of the ingredients. Filled with plant extracts, it will give your skin a nourishing clean.

Shea Nut Butter is a natural fat + has excellent moisturising benefits. Pink grapefruit + Ylang Ylang combined is the most uplifting scent. An absolute winner for those loving a sweet aroma.

Hand Wrapped in Mulberry Bark with leaves and natural fibres and Elephant Dung Paper. Contains no plastics. Earth-friendly.

Maker Notes: Amanda Stevens is a perfumer, scent designer, artist & shop owner. Scent is an individual experience, born from the practice of Perfumery and the art of creativity. All Amanda's scents are designed and created onsite in an historic building known as the Perfumery Studio.

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