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Grace Butterfield

'Lemon on the Side' by Grace Butterfieldd

'Lemon on the Side' by Grace Butterfieldd

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An Original, collectible work by artist, Grace Butterfield.

'Home is an exploration of what’s embedded in the objects around us. It is a collection of scenes that evoke the meaningful memories tethered to our homes. These paintings are composed to be a suggestion of what surrounds. With attention to colour and tone I’ve hoped to reflect a small part of a big scene, without the bounds of the canvas. It’s an entire bowl when only the edge can be seen, it’s a whole table setting shown by a glimpse of tablecloth, it’s a beautiful home in a simple image. I’m hoping this series can remind us, its memories held in these small and seemingly mundane objects that create Home.' ~ Grace Butterfield 2023

Oil on canvas. Oak Frame.

Dimensions 27cm x 27cm


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