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Ochre Ceramics

Sun Mug in Moss Green

Sun Mug in Moss Green

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Ochre’s pieces, slowly hand made in Byron Bay, nurture sentimental feelings through a range of ceramics and jewellery that centre around memories and quality process.

For those who prefer a handleless mug. The Sun Mug is a little thicker on the bottom so you can still hold a hot cup of tea without burning your hands.

Textually smooth, with a thin lip. Featuring lines down the side, like rays of sunshine. Glazed in a beautiful moss green, patterned with a soft milky white where the glaze is thickest, the lovely part about this glaze is no two pieces will ever be exactly the same. 

  • Smooth in texture. Beautiful to drink from.
  • Detailing a beautiful mossy green glaze, with a soft milky white.
  • Holds roughly 8/10 ounce liquid. Equal to a small/medium takeaway size.
  • Hand pinched. Strong in body.
  • Perfect for weekends of bottomless coffee and tea in bed.
  • Ethically and sustainably handmade in Australia.
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introducing Ochre ceramics

Every Ochre piece is made by ceramist and designer, Lauren, in her studio situated near Mullumbimby.

'I believe we hold onto our most treasured possessions for life, they become the totems for our memories and milestones. A precious pair of gold hoops, gifted to us for our 30th birthday. A beautiful handmade ceramic vase passed down from our grandmother... 

It is so important to me that Ochre’s pieces nurture those same sentimental feelings. I believe those stories start with how each piece is created,' reflects Lauren.

Ochre is a culmination of beautiful pieces considerately and ethically made, respecting our beautiful planet.

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