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Illyria Pottery

Small Raku Vase Crackle White

Small Raku Vase Crackle White

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One of a kind collectible Raku ceramic VaseThis limited edition Illyria piece is made by artist and ceramist, Katie Coston, in her studio in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom.

The ancient Raku process for finishing ceramics dates back millennia. Raku is notable for its amazingly varied surfaces. Please note, each side of a Raku piece is different. These wonderful variations are intrinsic to this firing method. No two pieces will ever be exactly alike.

  • Limited edition collaboration with Illyria Pottery made in the UK
  • This handmade piece has been wheel thrown and Raku fired.
  • Style as a beautiful object in the kitchen, holding dried foliage
  • A collectible vessel to style on shelves
  • Vase measures approximately 11cm height x 9cm diameter  

Please note: Due to the heavily crackled nature of Raku surfaces, this piece is not water tight. Raku is not intended for use with food. 

Meet the Artisan:  Every Illyria piece is made by artist and owner, Katie Coston, in her studio in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. 

'Since I was a girl, natural objects and their textures have fascinated me. I've always loved finding tiny objects, whether in a forest on a beach. Now I incorporate these items into my work, mimicking their organic qualities or directly impressing them into clay,' reflects Katie.  

Katie has made these pieces for you to create pleasing spaces, to give beautifully, and to enjoy your daily rituals just a little bit more. 
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