FORAY offers a taste of romantic European influence mixed with a restrained Australian style.

Foray is a store and studio experience imbued with consideration.

A design destination for refined interiors and timeless lifestyle founded by stylist and curator, Jemima Aldridge.


The concept for the Foray experience emerged from a desire to provide interior styling and uncommmon goods within a regional Australian setting.

This driving force instills meaning to the store through bringing refined, artisanal wares within reach of those who dwell in the country and further afield.

Our work is characterised by romantic simplicity - imbued with the qualities of natural materials, longevity, and artisanal origins.

Foray connects people to the idea of a living home, evoking a feeling of presence through interior stories.


' I believe that simple luxury is found in the authenticity of materials and staying true to one’s own personal taste. '

Over ten years, Jemima honed her eye for design and creative direction as cofounder of Saddler & Co, designer of the Repose cottage.

An active involvement in the elements of quality craftsmanship and editorial styling combined with a desire to bring this touch into interior realms through the FORAY offering.

Imbued with the qualities of aesethetic beauty, maker expertise, and heritage origins - Jemima's work is an expressive consideration for experiential spaces.


Located in a restored shop in Dubbo - Australia, Foray is ever changing with a seasonal gallery of designers, artists, and collectible objects.

Through offering a styled range of uncommon objects, home adornments, original art, and interior style, we envisage spaces that are experiential and welcoming. 

Creating a natural dialogue of provenance and design, we work with quality brands and dedicated makers from all around the world to form our unique medley of beautiful, collectible pieces.


Foray originated from the Old French word: ‘forrier’ i.e. forager / venturing for provisions. Creating my brand around this term has been centred around the idea of exploring new interior terrain with purpose and curiosity.

The making of a home points to the nurturing of our environment, and so my ventures into design touchpoints are ever adapting to the needs of those who dwell there. I am here to search far and wide for items that will provide purpose, beauty, and function within the home realm.

I trust you will find a warm welcome, connection, and inspiration for your own foray into the crafting of an authentic home. 

With my love — Jemima Aldridge x

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communicating beauty within the mundane

Within the FORAY Studio we explore the world of refined interiors, timeless styling, and the art of making an authentic home.

To inform your own project or interior vision, please be in touch to enquire regarding a design Consultation or Styling installation with Jemima Aldridge.