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Brass Heirloom Candlesticks

Brass Heirloom Candlesticks

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An elegant set of polished brass candlestick holders to create ambiance in your table and home settings.

We cannot do without these beautiful pieces for styling candlelit moments. 

Made to endure from one generation to the next, handcrafted in small batches by skilled brass artisans in Uttar Pradesh, India. These can be grouped together as a set, or scattered around the home.
  • Polished brass with shiny finish
  • Bases fit a standard sized tapered candle. 

Approximate Measurements:

N.1 - 26cm High 

N.2 - 23cm High 

N.3 - 20 cm High 

N.4 - 18cm High 

N.5 - 16cm High 

N.6 - 13cm High 

N.7 - 10cm High 

N.8 - 8.5cm High 

N.9 - 6.5cm high

All brass bases measure 7cm diameter.


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