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Andrew Allen

Ceramic Espresso Mug in Cascade

Ceramic Espresso Mug in Cascade

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A triple layer glaze creating a stunning cascade effect over a fine white stoneware. There’s so much depth and beauty in this glaze combination.

70mm high x 60mm wide

Approximate volume 140ml

Individual items may vary slightly in size and finish

Handmade in Lorne, Victoria.

Maker Notes: Andrew Allen's studio is located in Lorne on Victoria’s iconic Surf Coast and Great Ocean Road. Just as every moment on the coast is unique, so is every piece he creates at the studio; from the gentle flow of the glaze, the soft mark of the tools, or a subtle fingerprint, each piece tells the story of its making and the place it was created. The majority of the pieces here are wheel thrown and gas fired stoneware.

“Something I’ve always loved is to create objects that combine simple form and function with the quiet, organic beauty of clay, fire and the natural world.”

Andrew has been practicing ceramics for over 30 years. Producing mostly functional stoneware pottery, he also has experience in a broad range of firing techniques including traditional wood-firing, raku, and primitive pit firing.


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