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Farmhouse Rounded Large Oak Board

Farmhouse Rounded Large Oak Board

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A stunning, uniquely individual Australian-made chopping and serving board. Expertly hand crafted into a unique shape and finished in food-safe oils.

Great for daily use, entertaining, or a beautiful display in your kitchen, each board is made of Oak wood, and perfect for those who find solace in the beautiful Australian countryside. 

Measures 66cm long x 15cm wide approx.

Product Care

This is a high-quality product made to last. However to get the most from your board, please look after it carefully. 

Before the first use, wash your board in warm soapy water then rinse and dry.

We recommend a deeper clean once every 6 months. To do this, sprinkle some sea salt on the board and rub with a half-cut lemon. Repeat on the other side and rinse thoroughly. When the board is completely dry, rub a teaspoon of coconut oil* into both sides, then wipe off the residue and let dry for 6 hours. *Coconut oil leaves no residual scent and it is also water resistant.

Please do not place your board in the Dishwasher! It can cause the board to crack and dry out.

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