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Studio Eter

The Petite Beeswax Tapers | Set of 10 Wish candles

The Petite Beeswax Tapers | Set of 10 Wish candles

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Lighting a candle becomes a daily ritual we anticipate for creating ambiance and moments of presence within the home.

The Wish Candle is made for considered celebrations or simply marking a quiet hour of focus. This set consists of 10 wish candles. Handmade using traditional techniques. Crafted from 100% natural Australian beeswax which is sourced both from local beekeepers and the studio’s own beehives. Candles are either hand dipped, hand rolled or hand poured creating an artistic and individual form to each one.

  • Hand dipped set of 10 wish candles
  • Single wick, organic cotton
  • 230mm(H) x 5mmØ
  • Not suitable for standard candle holders
  • The end can be gently melted onto a ceramic plate or dish
  • Approximately 1.5 hour burn time each

None of the Studio Éter candles have added scents in order to celebrate the naturally sweet honey notes that the bees have created for us. All candles have organic cotton wicks. Due to the handmade nature of these items, candles will vary slightly.

Brand notes

Studio Éter is inspired by the formal language of objects, their stories, and the enduring cultural value that tools and objects have bestowed upon man, perpetually reflecting ones understanding of the world necessarily.

Jessica is inspired by her home, Portugal, it’s heritage and culture which permeates throughout the studio’s work.

Each object is the gestural beneficiary of her life, a nostalgia for home, an ambition, a time or place, a memory or fleeting moment that touches the spirit.

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