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Lola James Harper

Woody Office N.16 Room Spray

Woody Office N.16 Room Spray

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A European collection of candles and room sprays inspired by travels, friendships and memories around the world.

Reminiscent of our father's office, with the scent of an ancient library. He loves pencils, paper, notebooks, rubber, tools made of wood. The smell of his office expresses time, patience, and handmade work... A place to create great things...

SCENT  Mahogany Wood / Sandalwood

  • Made in France.
  • 50ml amber spray glass bottle.
  • No animal derived ingredients.
  • Presented in a paper box which is 100% recyclable.
  • Room Sprays are great for freshening with 2 to 4 sprays in a room for an immediate effect. Also, they are the perfect size for travel, to keep in your bag at all time.
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the beauty of candle light

' I remember growing up and candles being set for the evening meal, no matter the ordinary day or how simple the fare... For me, this tradition created memories of atmosphere and togetherness.

Now I'm delighted to source a selection of the finest candles for you to enjoy - from Australian makers to those of French provenance.

Enjoy the discovery of selecting candles that will become a signature memory in your own home. ' - Jemima