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Square Basket | Set of Three

Square Basket | Set of Three

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Founded locally in Bondi Beach, J'Jute is a eco conscious brand, specialising in handcrafted durable baskets and home decor. 
Each piece is hand-woven in Indian Villages, resulting in a unique piece every time. A celebration of the beautiful imperfect elements of fibre.`

J'Jute's classic stacking baskets are truly versatile, and they're perfect for use in various areas of your home or office. From bookcase storage to organising items in your powder room, they're a must-have. They're also ideal for indoor plant storage and sorting smaller items. Additionally, these baskets work wonders for storing fruits and vegetables in your kitchen, and they're a go-to choice for new mums and nursery storage.

Colour: Natural -100% Natural Undyed Jute

Sold as a set of 3.


Large: 30cm W x 30cm D x 20cm H 

Medium: 25cm W x 25cm D x 20cm H 

Small: 20cm W x 20 D x 20cm H 

Colour Variations
J'Jute baskets will vary slightly in colour from season to season. Colour variations occur due to time if picking and how much rain India has received that season. Although we try our best to match the colours each year we cannot guarantee a match. No two baskets will be the exact same colour. 
Fo​r small marks​, we recommend spot cleaning with a gentle & mild soap. Do not oversaturate the basket as ​j​ute is not water repellent and excess water can damage the basket fibers and the strength of the entire piece. Jute is prone to mold. Do not over saturate the baskets.
For shedding, we recommend vacuuming the inside of the basket. shedding is not considered a fault.
If there is any fraying it is at the customer's discretion if they choose to trim the loose ​fibers. It is very normal for the basket to fray over time with use. Simply snip the little frays away. ​Please, use care as t​rimming too much can weaken the overall structure of the basket.

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